Class HtmlDiv


public class HtmlDiv
extends HtmlUnrestrictedContainerWidget

This class represents a html div element. i.e.

<div ... >

The widget offers a generic way to add html structural directives to children widgets. The widget has no visual presentation and is merely a grouping object.

Some examples of when this object can be used are:

  1. Applying a style-sheet class to all child widgets.
  2. Setting an alignment style for all the widgets contained by this widget.

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m_bDestroyed, m_bVisible, m_objHtmlForm, m_objParentWidget
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m_hmAttributes, m_sEndTag, m_sQuoteType, m_sStartTag
Constructor Summary
HtmlDiv(HtmlContainerWidget objParent)
          Constructs an instance of the HtmlDiv object with the parent objParent.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getAlign()
          Returns the alignment style of this object.
 void setAlign(java.lang.String sAlign)
          Sets the alignment style of this object.
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Constructor Detail


public HtmlDiv(HtmlContainerWidget objParent)
        throws InvalidParentWidgetException,
Constructs an instance of the HtmlDiv object with the parent objParent.
objParent - the parent of this widget
InvalidParentWidgetException - if the specified parent widget is not valid
InvalidChildWidgetException - if the parent widget does not accept this widget as a child
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getAlign()
Returns the alignment style of this object.
the alignment style of this object
See Also:


public void setAlign(java.lang.String sAlign)

Sets the alignment style of this object. Suitable values are "left", "center", "right" and "justify".

The html attribute it sets is "align".

sAlign - the alignment style for this widget, if null is specified then this attribute will be cleared
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