Class HtmlHiddenInput


public class HtmlHiddenInput
extends HtmlInput

This class represents a html hidden input field. i.e.

<input type="hidden" ... >

The object can be used to pass hidden data to the client (for client-side scripting) or pass hidden data back to the server. The widget has no visual presentation.

The widget emits these signals:

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m_hmAttributes, m_sEndTag, m_sQuoteType, m_sStartTag
Constructor Summary
HtmlHiddenInput(HtmlContainerWidget objParent, java.lang.String sName)
          Constructs an instance of the HtmlHiddenInput object with the control name sName.
Method Summary
 void updateData(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest objRequest)
          Updates this object with the data submitted from the client.
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Constructor Detail


public HtmlHiddenInput(HtmlContainerWidget objParent,
                       java.lang.String sName)
                throws InvalidControlNameException,
Constructs an instance of the HtmlHiddenInput object with the control name sName.
objParent - the parent of this widget
sName - the unique control name for the object
InvalidControlNameException - if the control name is not valid
InvalidParentWidgetException - if the specified parent widget is not valid
InvalidChildWidgetException - if the parent widget does not accept this widget as a child
Method Detail


public void updateData(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest objRequest)

Updates this object with the data submitted from the client. The data submitted from the client will be set in the object by the setValue(String) method. i.e. :


The object will only be updated if the auto-update is on and if the object is visible and not disabled.

updateData in class HtmlControlWidget
objRequest - the request object that contains the user submitted data
See Also:
HtmlInput.setValue(String), HtmlWidget.isVisible(), HtmlControlWidget.isDisabled(), HtmlControlWidget.isAutoUpdate(), HtmlControlWidget.getSubmittedData(HttpServletRequest)